img 4953On numerous occasions, I’ve been asked who has endorsed me.  As informed voters know, candidates typically promulgate a list of prominent citizens and organizations who have endorsed them in hopes that voters will be influenced by the affirmation, and vote in their favor.  While there are organizations and prominent citizens who have endorsed me, I’ve decided to skip the usual “endorsements” list.  This is a departure from the norm, but in this race, “endorsements” and large contributions by special interests are some of many reasons we need to replace the current mayor. Escondido’s challenges require a leader who puts the city and its residents first, not special interests. Our city needs a leader who understands that building community and engaging that community in solving our challenges is far more important than the creation of an “endorsement” team that post-election will have winners and losers.  

Voters need to know that their voice will be heard, and that Escondido is not for sale. 

This decision is coupled with my commitment not to take donations from organizations/individuals who seek to curry favor in future votes.

After the election not everyone will agree on every issue, but I firmly believe we must work together if we have any hope of making Escondido the city we know it can be.  

Consequently, I’ve told organizations that endorse me and may communicate their endorsement to their members and readers, that I will not be listing their names on this website.


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